Omar’s Statement Provocative: Hurriyat (M)

KL Report


Terming the statement of Chief Minister Omar Abdullah as extremely provocative, APHC on Tuesday said that the confrontation between the two nuclear powers would have devastative impact on whole of south Asia. The APHC said that those people who are talking of training guns on each other are unaware of the results of such catastrophic happening.

APHC spokesman reiterated that mediation and negotiation are the only alternative to solve the vexed dispute. Referring to Kashmir issue as a living reality, he said by not accepting negotiations, mediations or calling Kashmir issue as an integral part won’t reduce the nature of the sensitive dispute in whole of South Asia. He said those people who are fanning confrontation are not talking in the interests of common masses.

Spokesman stated that the confrontation between India and Pakistan have only led to sufferings of Kashmiris living across the divided line. He said it should also be accepted that Kashmir was the core dispute and a constant source of tension in south Asia. He said the clouds of tension would continue to hang till Kashmir is not resolved according to the wishes and aspirations of common masses.

Spokesman said it was only due to Kashmir issue that both India and Pakistan have fought several wars on Kashmir since 1947.

“And now those people are talking of war between two nuclear armed neighbors are only playing provocative politics for their personal vested interest,” spokesman stated.

In view of the past war experiences, APHC called upon both nations should shun politics of confrontation and come forward to initiate a dialogue process to save the future of millions of people residing in south Asia.

While paying tributes to the people who were killed in Bhijebehara on October 22, 1993, several Hurriyat leaders including, Musadiq Adil, Mukhtar Ahmad waza, Yasmeen Raja, Syed Bashir Andrabi and other addressed the public.


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