Srinagar: Civil Lines Impacted By Main City Curfew

KL Report


Authorities decision to continue with the curfew restrictions in the main city of Srinagar comprising mostly of the downtown, has impacted the routine in civil lines areas where there is no curfew. Businesses are closed and personal cars are moving around. Most of the schools are locked.

There was no strike call by anybody for today.

The government last night decided to continue with the “restrictions” in the old city as all kind of restrictions were withdrawn from the uptown and civil line areas. But it did not help the markets to open or the routine life to resume.

Most of the offices and banks are open in the uptown but closed in the main city. Most of the schools did not open because curfew restrictions in the old city might not have helped them to get kids to the school. Old city is the major demography of the city and its closure impacts the entire city.

Reports from the old city areas said the roads are closed, drop gates are operational and concertina wires offer the main blocks that whistle blowing soldiers are operating. Not many people are permitted to move around. In interior areas, the people are able to access bakers and milkmen but most or the sticks are exhausted.


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