Anti Pakistan Slogans In Assembly


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Pakistan’s resolution in its National Assembly to resolve the Kashmir dispute and demanding the return of Afals body to his family continued to rock the Jammu Kashmir Legislative Assembly for the second consecutive day Saturday. BJP, Jammu State Morcha and Panthers Party members staged walkout in protest over non acceptance of their demand for a resolution in the House condemning Pakistan for interference in internal affairs of India. The angry members also raised anti Pakistan slogans for at least half an hour.

Angry over the state government stand that their demand does not hold good in the House as it had no control over Pakistan. The deputy chief minister Tara Chand and Law Minister Mir Saifullah opposed the demand saying the Parliament has already passed a resolution condemning Pakistani move.

“What is the harm in Jammu Kashmir Assembly supporting the Parliament resolution?” asked Ashwani Kumar of JSM, evoking strong reaction from Rural Development Minister Ali Mohammad Sagar saying “we don’t need a certificate from you”.

The minister’s remark ran tempers high with agitating opposition members from Jammu climbing on their benches and raising slogans against Pakistan. One of them even threw mike in the well of the House.

The plea of speaker Mubarak Gul telling them that it was wrong to condemn someone not present in the house fell on deaf ears. After sloganeering against Pakistan for nearly half an hour, the agitating members staged walkout from the House.


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