Srinagar people have to lead from front: Mufti

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Urging the people of Srinagar to vote for Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the party patron, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Thursday said 2014 offers a historic opportunity for the state to defeat the vested interests that have held it captive for several decades.

While addressing a well-attended public meeting in Batamaloo segment of Srinagar parliamentary constituency, Mufti said for any change in the  system and governance to be credible it is essential that the politically conscience people of Srinagar lead from the front. He said the unchallenged dominance of NC for most part of the last century has resulted in complete degeneration of that party making it unable to either provide voice to the people or take care of their needs.

“NC has now become a power broking agent that sells the interests of the state and its people for its share of power and luxury. Hence this party has lost its representative character and credibility and is on a life support system which would not last long.” said Mufti.

Referring to the repeated U-turns of NC to stay in power, Mufti said in1996 they sought votes in the name of autonomy and then went straight into the lap of BJP which has declared abrogation of Article 370 as one of its main objectives. He said NC had a record 60 members in the state assembly and it had no compulsions to join the NDA, but it sacrificed the confidence and faith of the people just for Omar Abdullah to become a junior minister in the BJP-led government.

Even the NDA could have run its government without the participation of NC but strangely Dr Farooq Abdullah decided to gatecrash into the BJP –led coalition even in the face of opposition from their own ranks, Mufti said and recalled how Prof. Saif-ul-Din Soz was thrown out of the NC for voting against the first NDA government, which brought that down.

Mufti said all the alliance of NC have been without a political purpose or development goals, whether in 1986 Rajiv-Farooq coalition or NDA time or now in the Rahul-Omar alliance, the sole purpose has been somehow to secure power and keep Kashmir deprived of democratic rights and its due share in the development.

Mufti said while being the NDA partner, NC failed to secure any benefits and concessions for J&K instead it created a frame work of terror through task force, SOG, Ikhwan, enforced POTA, transferred 7 most feasible power projects to NHPC, banned Shahtoos and gave an understanding to the Central government to ban recruitment, opening of schools and up gradation educational institutions. It also extended AFSPA to Jammu region.

“NC enforced a package to disempower the people of the state politically and deprived them economically. The transfer of power to NHPC was a major blow to the economy of the state and the ban of Shahtoos hit Srinagar the most resulting in destitution of thousands of families who earned their livelihood which has given Kashmir its global identity,” said Mufti. He said NC didn’t leave NDA even when ‘Autonomy resolution’ was humiliatingly rejected or when the Gujarat riots generated outrage in the country.

The Congress-NC collaboration in 1986 resulted in pushing the youth of the state out of democratic system and Kashmir is still bearing the brunt of rigging resorted in 1987. The present coalition, he said, has brought nothing but miseries and destruction as a result of mis-governance, corruption and inefficiency. He said NC and Congress leadership can’t wash their hands off the secret hanging of Mohammad Afzal Guroo, out of turn, last year.

He said the PDP’s agenda is to prevent such things in future and the party will work to uphold the sentiments of people and protect the interests of the state. He said Srinagar has been the main victim of NC’s lust for power and inability to govern. He said out of 126 persons killed in 2010 by Omar Abdullah government most of the victims belong to Srinagar. Thousands have been involved in multiple police cases and an entire generation has been labeled as stone-pelters, drug addicts, LeT agents, criminals etc.

He said PDP had made a strong beginning in reconstruction of Srinagar along with the other parts of the state in spite of the fact that it had no representative from Srinagar. “But we considered Srinagar as heart of Kashmir that must be in good shape for the entire region to feel good,” he said. Mufti said the initiatives taken by his government had unfortunately been abandoned by Omar Abdullah government in spite of the fact that it owed its existence to the eight seats in Assembly from the city.

He said the PDP’s main thrust would be to upgrade the representation of the state in the parliament. He said the irresponsible statements made by the present MP, Dr Farooq Abdullah which branded every Kashmiris as ‘Maha Chors’ should be taken seriously. “Would any state leader dare to utter such words about his own people and then come to seek their votes,” Mufti said and added I know the people of Kashmir are noble in their attitude but they will hold to account anybody who tries to defame them in rest of the world.

Speaking on the occasion, the party’s candidate for Srinagar parliamentary constituency, Tariq Hameed Karra said both NC and Congress have failed the people of Jammu & Kashmir as they remained busy with their own joys  and fancies and didn’t care about them over the last more than five years. “They remained mostly absent from the ground with the result people have to cry for even basic amenities in every nook and corner of the state,” Karra said the ruling government didn’t work seriously to address the people’s woes and it even reversed the gains made by the previous PDP-led government.


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