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Awami Itihad Party (AIP) president and Baramulla Parliamentary seat candidate Er Abdul Rashid Thursday criticized the statement of Chief Minister Omar Abdullah in which he had stated that it was during PDP rule that top militant leadership was liquidated.

According to a statement Rashid was addressing a public gathering at various places in Kulgam and Islamabad. While referring to the statement to Omar Abdullah Rashid asked him that the statement of Omar reflects that during his rule no militant or innocent Kashmiri was killed?

Rashid reminded Omar that during NC rule more than 800 militants were killed in custody. The PDP rule was no exception to such type of killings too. Rashid further alleged that both these parties are working on the diktats of Delhi and rubbing salt to the wounds of Kashmiris.

He advised Mehbooba Mufti and Omar to rise above petty politics and chalk a way out that would not hurt the interests of Kashmiris otherwise history will remember them as criminals. He alleged that both these parties just indulge in mudslinging against each other and are not interested in resolving the issues facing a common Kashmiri.

“Both Omar and Mehbooba exploit the name of militancy and Syed Salahudddin to befool gullible Kashmiris. On the one hand they are trying to please Delhi through their measures against militancy and on the other hand they are praising the militants to get favors from the masses.”

Rashid said if Omar is true to his claim then can’t it be stated as an acknowledgement of the fact that militants are representing the emotions of the common Kashmiris. He pointed towards PDP and NC and advised them that they should stop showing green pastures to Kashmiris instead they should focus on making India accept the disputed status of Kashmir and be united in taking people out of this mess or they should leave Kashmiris on their own so that they can evolve a better roadmap for resolution of Kashmir issue.


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