SRINAGAR: With Eid-ul-Fitr festivities drawing near, the Traffic Police in Srinagar has strongly urged young individuals to avoid high-speed driving, racing, and performing hazardous stunts on the streets.

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A senior traffic official emphasised the dangers of reckless behaviour, stressing that offenders will receive immediate penalties, with their parents being informed accordingly. “Special teams have been dispatched to oversee and prevent such activities, concentrating especially on areas prone to such incidents,” stated the official.

Collaboration with district police has been established to enhance vigilance and enforcement measures, he said.

In a direct plea to parents, the official underscored the importance of not entrusting vehicles to minors and ensuring responsible driving habits among young drivers.

With collaborative efforts and continued vigilance, the Traffic Police aims to maintain safe and efficient traffic conditions throughout the Eid festivities in Srinagar. (KNS)


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