SRO (202) of New Job Policy is ‘draconian’, youth protests in Srinagar


Demanding an immediate revocation of New Job Policy (SR 202 OF 2015), a group of youth protested in Srinagar’s press enclave on Sunday.

Raising the issue, the youth described this SRO 202 ‘discriminating’, saying its clause 8 and 9 has already been repealed by the Jammu & Kashmir high court for its employees which has been implemented by the Institute of Management, Public Administration and Rural Development (IMPA), this giving much needed respite to the employees.

Youth Protesting in Srinagar against SRO 202 of New Job Policy

Castigating government, the youth said this SRO is “anti-youth and draconian”.

“This is type of forced labour wherein highly educated youth of J&K are being paid only Rs 7000-8000 per month.

“This is totally against the Supreme court guidelines which invoked minimum wages act and equal pay for equal work judgment,” they said and added they were  surprised to see the recent notification of J&K service selection Board (JKSSRB) for Kashmir migrants / Pandits which was kept out of this new job policy (SRO202).




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