Stalemate over Government Formation a Drama Enacted by PDP, says State Congress Chief



G-A-MirIn a scathing attack against the PDP and BJP, state Congress chief G A Mir Friday said that the stalemate over the government formation is a mere drama being enacted by the PDP to regain the lost ground.

“There is no denial of the fact that PDP’s popularity graph went drastically down by aligning with the BJP in the state. Now, the present reluctance being expressed by the PDP chief nothing but an attempt to check whether party has gained anything on grass root by remaining away from the BJP,” Mir told a local news gathering agency KNS.

He said people of the state are being constantly taken for a ride by the PDP as the party has never parted ways from the BJP and that the alliance was always intact. “In fact, I can tell you that only oath ceremony is pending, rest PDP and BJP are in the government- they are enjoying every luxury of power,” said the Congress chief.

He added that there are attempts being made to create confusion among peoples’ minds. “On one hand, the PDP says there is no new condition; on the other hand, they are reluctant to form the government. It is nothing but a mere drama being enacted to befool people,” Mir said.

The Congress chief maintained that his party is keeping a close vigil at the forthcoming budget session of the parliament and that if again the peanuts are given to the people of Kashmir in the name of relief, it will be unacceptable. “If the union government is serious in mitigating peoples’ suffering here, they have to be realistic while according the flood relief. It should be either 10, 6 and 3 lakh per victim or nothing. The GOI isn’t giving anything in charity to the people of Kashmir- it is their right and no one can delay or deny that right,” Mir said.


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