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Syed Ali Geelani on Tuesday said the State sponsored tactics won’t deter them from pursuing their mission, nor will these suppressive and aggressive measures make them surrender.

The spokesman quoted the Geelani saying “suppression and oppression won’t deter us from pursuing our mission,” adding that, “we are peace loving nation and pursuing our rights since 70 years,” he said.

“War is no option and no amount of suppression or oppression can deter us from pursuing our cherished movement,” said Syed Ali Geelani. Urging for peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue, Geelani said that coercive measures, killings, detentions and suppressions will yield nothing, instead will lead to devastation.

Lashing at state administration, Geelani said that “they have let loose the reign of terror and turned the state into a big jail” and while referring to detainee’s plight “Geelani said the resistance leaders are being caged, denied political space, hundreds languishing since decades and even lodged outside state and in Tihar, Jodhpur, Kolkata and other jails.’’

Quoting relatives of jail mates, Syed Ali Geelani said that reports pouring in are horrific and added that these detainees are subjected to ill-treatment.

Syed Ali Geelani expressed his deep anguish and concern over the reported worsening condition of prisoners, saying “they are being ill-treated and subjected to mental and physical torture in jails” saying these prisoners are pursuing the right to self-determination through peaceful political means,”.

International human rights organizations should take notice of the condition of Kashmiri prisoners “who are being detained in jails across J&K and India “Syed Ali Geelani said.

These prisoners are subjected to political vendetta, Geelani said, saying oppression against Kashmiris, particular youth, is going on and while quoting relatives of prisoners, said that “Kashmiri inmates in outside state Jails are subjected to inhuman deprivation of medical treatment, deprived of contact with near and dear ones and also other basic needs are denied to them,”.

“International organizations for human rights must take cognizance of incarcerated Kashmiri youth and these world bodies should visit these jails,” he said.

Syed Ali Geelani expressed his deep concern over the falling health of incarcerated leaders including Shabir Ahmed Shah, Dr. Ghulam Mohammad Bhat, Ayaz Akbar, Altaf Ahmed Shah, Pir Saifullah, Raja Meraj-u-Din Kalwal, Naeem Ahmad Khan, Farooq Ahmad Dar, Shahid-ul-Islam, Kamran Yousuf, Javed Ahmed, Muhammad Aslam Wani and Zahoor Ahmed Watali and Muzaffar Ahmed Dar, saying no proper medical facility is provided to them.

“We have reports from outside state jail that Kashmiri youth are being targeted. They are treated badly and unavailability of medicines and medical care and substandard quality of food is taking a toll on their health,” he said.

Terming the approach of judiciary bias and prejudicial, Geelani said that Shahid Yousuf filed his bail application on February 5 but sitting magistrate unnecessarily deferred it till March 07, saying it vindicates our claim that even judiciary is not fair and impartial in its proceedings.

Denouncing jail authorities for their inhuman and harsh behaviour against detainees”, Syed Ali Geelani cautioned that if anything untoward happens to them, the “local rulers” and New Delhi shall have to face the consequences.


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