Stop Innocent Killings: Dr Farooq to Government

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Dr Farooq travelled in train from Nowgam to Islamabad.
Dr Farooq travelled in train from Nowgam to Islamabad.

A few days after NC patron and former Chief Minister returned from London after Kidney transplant, Dr Farooq Abdullah Friday said PDP-BJP government should stop innocent killings in state.

“The first thing government should do is to stop killing of innocent people,” Dr Farooq said while talking to media personnel after reaching South Kashmir’s Islamabad via train.

He ridiculed, in an indirect reference, PDP, saying that the party was beating drum of ‘positive change’ before coming to power.

“They were telling people that PSA won’t apply under their rule but see now Masarat Alam has been detained again under the law,” he said. “Actually the government is subverting the issue of development of roads, water and electricity by slapping such PSA.”

However, Farooq Abdullah did not reply when he was informed that during NC-Congress rule, the condition of Srinagar-Islamabad highway was not different from the present day.

Dr Farooq also castigated PDP-BJP government on its ‘New Recruitment Policy’.

Meanwhile, according to a party statement, National Conference President Dr Farooq Abdullah Friday said that National Conference was the sole guardian of the State’s honour and that phases in electoral politics cannot overshadow the deep history of sacrifices that the party has rendered without any considerations of power and partisanship.

Addressing people at the Chaharum Majlis of Veteran NC leader and Former Minister Late Peer Abdul Gani Shah Veeri, Dr Farooq Abdullah said those who had “sold their souls for the petty trappings of power” today were the same people who led one intrigue after another against the special status and identity of J&K in the past.

“National Conference is a party with a glorious history – one of honour, one of sacrifices and one of a selfless pursuit to empower the people of this great State. Even our adversaries have to admit that National Conference has been the pioneer of empowerment in the State. In the progress and prosperity of the common man – the farmer, the shopkeeper, the labourer and the striving daily wager – lies the success and honour of our State and our nation. Political power is not an end in itself but is a medium to serve the people and bring about progress, transparency and socio-economic welfare. Every leader, legislator and worker of National Conference should strive in this direction – while in power or while in the opposition. Public service is not a derivative or a pre-requisite to attain power – it is a noble cause that needs to be valued and upheld without any motives,” Abdullah said while addressing supporters in Islamabad.


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