MLA Langate and Awami Itehad Party (AIP) chief Er Rashid Sunday strongly condemned use of force inside Jamia Masjid Srinagar and the attack by miscreants on senior journalist and Kashmir Life photo chief, Bilal Bhadur, in Nowhatta where he was discharging his professional duties.

In a party statement, Rashid sought immediate and stern action against those who crossed all the limits while beating Bilal Bhadur without none of his fault and urged upon civil society and respectable citizens of the area to identify the Gundas, so that they can be exposed.

Rashid alleged, “Police are showing complete intolerance at the behest of right wing hindu forces in the government to stop Muslims even from performing their prayers.”

“The incidents in Samba, Bagh jogian near Bari Brehmna are a cause of great concern for all of us. The right wing hindu forces at the behest of RSS are now even forcibly converting the graveyard at Bagh Jogian into a wrestling yard and this all is intolerable and amounts to provoking Muslims to fight for their religious rights by standing against all these fascist forces. State sponsored terrorism has been so ruthless that it does not even show an iota of respect towards the Muslims of Jammu & Kashmir in the holy month of Ramzan,” he said adding, “May Mufti and his government explain that if whole of the administration has been paralysed by keeping them busy with very minor and futile issues pertaining to  Amarnath Yatra , why are the sentiments of Muslims being hurt by desecrating their largest symbol of unity – The Jamia Masjid Srinagar.”

He said that government can’t “justify by treating yatries like VVIP tourists and stopping Muslims even from offering prayers at the barrel of the gun”.

Rashid reiterated that Muslims of Jammu & Kashmir will protect every mosque and religious place at any cost. He, however, asked NC and Congress leaders not to shed crocodile tears over the desecration of Jamia Masjid Srinagar unless they don’t apologise for similar acts during their regime.

The statement further added that Rashid reminded PDP leaders of their “hue and cry” they used to make in and outside assembly when Omar led government used to impose restrictions on prayers of Muslims in the State and now doing the same themselves.

“The incidents reveal that these puppet governments exchange and carry forward their legacy and traditions, to act as collaborators of New Delhi,” he said.


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