Stray dogs on prowl in Srinagar

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A pack of dogs follow an unsuspecting passerby outside Partap Park in Srinagar.

Stray dogs continue to haunt the city here, as civic authorities have failed to take steps to curb the menace.

It has been seen that packs of stray dogs lurking in the street corners, public parks and markets are a common sight in the city.

People in residential colonies said that they hesitate to venture out after dark due to the dog menace. “On a walk down the city roads one can spot hundreds of stray dogs roaming freely, feasting on garbage and chasing residents,” said one of the residents of Rajbagh here.

“Dogs chase us even during the day. At least 20 to 25 dogs can be spotted in our street,” Habib-ullha of Bemina said.

According to residents, the authorities have failed to initiate any concrete efforts to control the problem, despite many complaints.

The city authorities do not have any statistics on the stray dogs in the city, “The garbage dumps across the city offer sumptuous feasts to street dogs. Because they feed lavishly on the waste, street dogs look very healthy these days,” said Shabir Ahmad, a resident of Jawharnagar here.

However, a few residents feel that proper waste management will help reduce the stray population. “People litter the streets without thinking of the consequences. Stopping the habit of throwing garbage on streets is the only solution to the menace,” said Mohammad Yousuf a resident.

Locals here said that every day dogs are triggering panic with many scared of coming out of their houses as the stray pack kept prowling there throughout the day.

The inhabitants of M.I. G Colony complained that even though hundreds of dogs’ prowl in the area, the authorities had failed to check the menace. “For the past four years the SMC admits that the stray dog population has reached alarming proportions with over one lakh prowling in the City. Still, the corporation has failed to act,” said senior citizen Ghulam Nabi of the area.

“We fear that the dog population if kept unchecked could trigger fear psychosis among people. The dog issue needs to be dealt with seriously or else by four years dogs may outnumber Srinagarities and they will victimize every one of us,” he said.

As per an estimate, there are around one lakh dogs in Srinagar. “This is a major problem for all of us. Stray dogs bite people, chase them when they go to prayers early in the morning, and scare away children,” Shabir Ahmad, a resident of Bemina said.

Residents of areas like Qamarwari, Batamaloo, Noorbagh complaining of increased population of stray dogs.

“Some of the dogs living in our area are obviously rabid. Not just bites, but several accidents also keep taking place as they keep following the motorists even after dark,” said Jaffar Ahmad of Batamaloo and added that many children have been bitten in the past, making the others too scared to go out and play.


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