Students Accuse CU Authorities Of Failing On Basic Facilities

KL Report


The students of Chave accused the university authorities of failing to provide basic facilities to the students and that the area is not suitable for the University campus.

Talking to KNS, students of central university said that they have not been provided the basic facilities and place identified for the Magarmal Bagh campus of the University is not feasible.

The central university of Kashmir presently operates through three main campuses, one at Sonawar, another at Magarmal bagh and the university has one more campus at Zainakote.

Magarmal Bagh houses the subjects of English, Urdu and Journalism. Students there   have alleged that the university authorities have undermined the basic infra structure, required for the university campus. “The area wherein our campus is, is actually the place for dumping garbage,” said the student of Urdu while pleading for anonymity. He further mentioned that the stray dogs have created terror in the area, making difficult for the students to enter and to leave the campus.

The Vice-Chancellor of the Central University of Kashmir, when contacted by KNS, said that the Magarmal Bagh campus is one of the comfortable campus compared to other ones. “This is actually news for me. I will certainly inquire about the matter in question,” assured Prof. Wahid adding that by the end of this year, all the campuses shall be relocated at Nowgham.  “Students have to bear with us, we will be shifting to Nowgham by the end of this year and probably will move to Ganderbal by April next year, where we are construction of pre-fabricated structures is in progress.”


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