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On Saturday afternoon, scores of students enrolled in various technical institutes across Srinagar staged a fierce protest against the technical board for “ruining their one precious year” by declaring them “fail” in their annual exams.  Pics: Bilal Bahadur


Carrying placards in Srinagar’s press colony, these students doing diploma in engineering courses alleged that the technical board is acting “insensitive” by declaring ninety per cent students fail.


“We appeared in exams June this year,” said one student, “but when our results were announced recently, we were shocked to learn that ninety per cent of us were either declared fail or marked absent.”


Looking visibly disturbed, these students said that they were told by technical board to fill revaluation forms. “But that is a time consuming process and the move is meant to mint the easy money,” the students further alleged.


To press their demands, these students blocked road and continued pitching slogans till police baton charged and flexed their muscles on some of them.


The girl students confronted cops by saying: “We haven’t done anything wrong. We are only seeking justice. Why are you beating us?”


After pushing some of the students inside police van, girl students started crying which ‘softened’ the police stand. Later students were released and were told by cops to consult the concerned authorities.


Still grappling with their emotional state, students took their time before dispersing peacefully.



  1. Thse police personnel r a brutal lot..uncivilised and illmannered…this is a consequence of the policy adopted by Govt of JK 2 recruit ill intentioned illiterate people as Cops..just teachng them hw 2 pull triggers n slash batons at common masses widout thinking 4 a while wat effect it can hav on a society…n its obvious considering the situation in kashmir becoz if intellectuals find place in police they wud act more sensibly resulting in the weaking of India’s grip on kashmir


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