Students’ Eardrum Impaired As A Result Of Ragging At Kashmir Law College

SRINAGAR: On Thursday, chaos reigned at Kashmir Law College in Nowshera, central Kashmir’s Srinagar district, after some students alleged ‘ragging’ from seniors on the campus.

According to news agency Kashmir Dot Com (KDC), there was a ragging conflict between third and eighth-semester students, and on Thursday the scene devolved into a clash in the college grounds, with students beating each other on the campus.

According to sources, there was also a minor injury confirmed before the police party from the affected area arrived at the college grounds.

A third-semester student of the college told the news agency Kashmir Dot Com that he was thrashed by eighth-semester students to the point where his eardrum was fractured.

Another undergraduate, who requested anonymity, said “They have been depicting seniority since we took admission in our 1st semester. Since then we are facing abuses and harassment from these goons”.

“One of our classmates attempted suicide because of the everyday harassment she had to bear and witness”, the student added.

Another student said, “We are here for studies not for chaos, but these ill-mannered seniors have halted our educational process, we feel insecure and pressurized”.

“Our fellow girl students are being threatened, again and again, they (seniors) are glorifying an acid attack of the past to traumatize them”, he added.

The situation at the mentioned college has deteriorated to the point where these students are unsure if they should concentrate on their studies or save their lives.

“Even teachers don’t listen to us; they didn’t allow us inside the campus when we told them we’ll highlight the issue in the media. They don’t want their college to be defamed by any means”, one of the students added.

The students sought harsh punishment from the authorities and asked the Lieutenant Governor to interfere. The students have requested that all of the students involved in these inhumane actions be rusticated.

In a note, the Principal of Law College stated that on the 16th of April 2021 and Saturday, there will be no classwork in the college.

According to another notice given by the college, the college has taken notice of the situation and has formed a disciplinary committee to investigate it.



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