Students falling short of attendance won’t be allowed to sit in exams: Edu Min


Minster for Education Altaf Bukhari Wednesday said that the students falling short of attendance will not be allowed to sit in the examinations.

Addressing an education conclave organized by the private schools, the minister said that there will be no reduction in syllabus nor will there be a mass promotion.

Asserting that students have a right to protest inside the schools and not on roads, Bukhari said, “If they come out on roads, it is a law and order problem and for that security forces will intervene.”

Bukhari said that those students who were arrested, have been released after proper counselling. “Even if there is any student in custody, we need undertaking from their parents to release them. We don’t want to detain students whom we want to see in classrooms,” he said.

Bukhari also ruled out the role of teachers in student protests.


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