Sumbal Killings:From The Eye Of Camera


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After the killing of two young civilians by army in Sumbal area of Bandipora district, Kashmir Life’s Photo Chief, Bilal Bhadur visited the area. He clicked some pictures in the Markundal village where grief and pain was inconsolable. Follows the scene of death and rage


 The nears and dears are wailing over the body of Irfan Ahmad Ganai. He was a  student.

body of Irshad Ahmad Dar,  (1)

People carrying body of Tariq Ahmad Leharwal, the other civilian killed by army in Sumbal


Tragic, as the women having glimpse of the dead body

KILLING (3)Waiting for the last rites and people looking at the body with grief and anguish

KILLING (11)Inconsolable. Women wailing over the death of two youth killed by army


After the killings, people resorted to violent protests in the area. The protesters demanding immediate arrest of the troopers involved in the killings were stopped to move outside the village.


The roads leading to Markundal village in district Bandipora, tell the whole story.


Large number of  people participated in the Nimaz-e-Jinaza of Irfan.


  1. i hope these precious lives won’t go in kashmiris this is the time for us to rise and protest against these massacres of innocent civilians by this brutual indian regime..i pray to Allah that this incident will turn into a massive uprising against indian occupation

  2. The Jingoist Indian state never think the Kashmiri’s have any right and they are doing this kind of of atrocities since the partition of India.

    We the peace loving Indians (In true sense) should protest this inhuman killing of innocent youngsters. Failing which implies our moral support to this war machine.


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