Summoning Syed Naseem Geelani to Delhi act of vengeance and harassment.Forcing one for talks by bullying is ridiculous, Said JRL leaders Mirwaiz Umer Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik in a joint statement on Sunday.
“Terming the summoning of senior resistance leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani’s son Syed Naseem Geelani again to Delhi as act of vengeance and intimidation, Mirwaiz and Malik said that besides arresting many leaders, businessmen, journalists and other people including Shabir Ahmad Shah, Altaf Ahmad Shah, Shahid-ul-Islam ,Ayaz Akbar, Peer Saif-u-ullah, Raja Meraj- u-Din Kalwal, Nayeem Ahmed Khan, Farooq Ahmed Dar, Zahoor Ahmad Watali, Kamran Yousuf ,Javid Ahmad and Shahid Yousuf shah and others, and putting them in Tihar Jail, Indian rulers using NIA and ED have time and again summoned hundreds of others including both sons of Syed Ali shah Geelani to Delhi several times, wasting their precious time, intimidating and humiliating them.”
Leaders said that summoning and torturing kith and kin and even friends of resistance leaders, arresting dozens under frivolous charges and putting in Tihar jail Delhi is actually a ploy of government, their Kashmiri abettors and agencies who want to put whole resistance camp especially JRL leadership into submission and bully it for talks with its envoy.
Leaders said that “from February last year till now, almost one year has passed during which this NIA, ED bullying has been going on. Scribes and businessmen of high repute, lawyers and jurists, intellectuals, political workers and leaders and even teenage kids and students have been terrorized in the name of terror funding by NIA.”
JRL Leaders said that “many incarcerated people including APHC leader Syed Shabir Ahmad Shah and senior Kashmiri businessman Zahoor Ahmad Watali who are in custody from last many months are seriously and are even being denied a proper medical facility by the oppressors.”
Leaders said that “after failing to defeat Kashmiri resistance by military might, pellet terrorism, blinding, arresting thousands including young, old youth and women, looting and vandalizing peoples properties, beating and torturing common people, clamping repeated curfews and restrictions in towns and marketplaces especially in Sher-I-Khas and Lal Chowk Srinagar and hence destroying business of Kashmiris, putting a blanket ban on all political activities and arresting or house arresting leaders on daily basis, India has started a new kind of ploy to crush peoples resistance . It now wants us to talk to its envoy by intimidating us and this summoning of kith and kin by NIA is one example of this ‘forced talks policy’.”
Leaders said that “tyrannical and bullying policies of India rulers, their Kashmiri abettors and agencies have failed in past and are bound to fail in future too and we want to tell these oppressors that their policies can never force Kashmiris into submission and our resistance will continue with much more zeal and passion.”


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