Sunanda Pushkar

But fresh news and reports about the Kashmiri Pandit woman Sunanda Pushkar keep popping in every hour today, as Indian media is suddenly frantic about her. Just over a week ago, Sunanda Pushkar was hardly known or heard of, but today, almost everybody in India is interested in knowing who she is, and is not content with the amount of information pouring in.
Linked to Shashi Tharoor in the latest, (and the most dangerous so far), controversy surrounding him, Pushkar is in the news for a 18 percent free equity in one of the owners of Kochi IPL team – Rendezvous. The equity, said to be worth Rs 70 crore, is alleged to have been granted to her, because of her association with Tharoor, who had not hid his “mentoring activism” for an IPL team for Kerala. The controversy, obviously, is not the rumoured marriage plans of the duo, which so far they have neither confirmed nor denied, the controversy is the free equity Sunanda allegedly got because of being a proxy for Tharoor, which if proved can end the political career of the coveted diplomat turned politician, who has earlier missed the top seat in UN by a whisker to Ban Ki Moon.
Daughter of a Lt Colonel, Puskar hails from Bomai in Sopore, and has been married twice earlier. Her family migrated from Kashmir in 1990’s. Latest reports say their ancestral house in the village stands intact despite the reports that it was torched in early 90’s by militants. Pushkar’s parents live in a posh colony at Jammu.


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