#SundayAppeal: Blockage of drainage system

By Fiyaz Ahmed

We the inhabitants of Chanapora minicolony near Gudawara gate has lot of difficulties being faced by blockage of drainage system. It has not been cleared  since it has been made by some pity contractor along with some political MLC.

Representational Image

But it is unfortunate the drain which should be floating south to north has been floating reverse with the result every time it is blocked, the water enters our house especially during these hot days we are facing lot of foul smell.

For God sake our long pending demand may please be resolved once for all and it requires only some budget by way of reverse diversion to meet with nearby drainage system.

(Fiyaz Ahmed reports for Kashmir Life from Channapora. This has been published under #WeAreListening campaign of Kashmir Life for Sunday. The details are authors own.)



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