SWC for enhancing sentence of rape convicts to lifer, chemical castration


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Chairperson State Women’s Commission (SWC) is all set to press the government to amend the law regarding rape and enhance the punishment from 7 years to capital punishment or chemical castration (medication designed to reduce sexual activity). The commission also wants results of medical tests of victim and offender to be deemed as sufficient evidence to prove the guilt in the court of law.

“We’ve prepared a detailed report and recommendations to government and will forward it very soon. We’ve demanded that the punishment of this heinous offence should be capital punishment or chemical castration. We have also recommended that such offences should be tried by special family courts having female Judge and lawyers so that victim should not suffer more humiliation and insult and it should be a fast track trail”, Shamima Firdous said while talking to a local news agency KNS.

“The offence of rape or attempt to rape is a crime not just against an individual but a crime which destroys the basic equilibrium of society. A victim of rape would be considered to have lost her honorable reputation and place in society, a loss of honor which entailed shame on the woman’s family group as well”, the Chairperson said and added that in various such cases pressure gets exerted which led victim to commit suicide.

In a statement released, chairman SWM expressed her concern over the recent gang rape in Delhi and Jammu, she said that such offences have occurred and indicates that woman is not safe anywhere.

“Graph of rape cases in increasing in the State and it is two types, first, which comes in the news and are registered in records and second where victim doesn’t disclose it under the threat that she will lose her status and reputation in the society”, informed Shamima Firdous.


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