Taj is an amazing congressman! He seems to know the art of trending on social networking sites. When on song, he can hit left, right and centre with his sweeping speech—full of sum, and allegedly slim in substance!

After leaving scores of lawmakers in state red-faced with his repartee, he traveled miles from valley and chose powerful Uncle Sam for his latest verbal strike.

Now, it wasn’t kidding when state health minister expressed his satisfaction over “highly satisfied performance of state government” to deal with snow fury. Taj didn’t stop there and said that despite heavy snowfall, electricity all across the valley was restored within a few hours. The achievement was something which, he said, is even not possible in United State of America!

No sooner he said it, scores reacted by saying: Don’t tell us, Mr Taj, that the latter assertion was tongue-in-cheek comment! But the lawmaker from URI shrugged off to set the records straight. This, indeed, sent a message across–that he wasn’t in the middle of reverie when he struck comparison between Kashmir and US.

The day Taj remarked, Omar Abdullah was taking stock of restoration measures in the winter capital. His twitter account wasn’t reacting over his Minister’s assertions—wh0 said that Kashmir is much advanced that America in dealing with snow fury. Instead, Omar used what he uses best to count and confirm the death toll in snow avalanche.

And meanwhile, the 1944-born minister went ahead with his assertions: If Americans would witness such a heavy snowfall, there will be power breakdown for at least a week, but in Kashmir, our government performed up to the mark and restored electricity within 8 hours. Now that made the postgraduate minister ‘epic’ for social networking. And thus, a comedy of errors soon snowballed into a laughing stock!

An active congress politician since 1986, Taj said that government is present everywhere and its men faced all odds to relieve the people from snow fury. Meanwhile, reactions had peaked and then someone suggested: Give that man a medal! Now that was a typical Obama way of doing it.

Taj, who unsuccessfully contested the 1996 Parliamentary elections, was elected to the Assembly in 2002 and became Minister for CA&PD. He further said streets and roads in Srinagar could not be dewatered because there was no electricity—now that was ironic statement! Many asked: Didn’t he claim earlier that electricity was restored within 8 hours in valley? Then why water-logging lingered around for a while. Till someone would have asked Taj to explain his position, the matter had already become a dark humour!

Bilal Handoo


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