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Advising National Conference not to meddle into the affairs of Congress party, Minister for Medical Education Taj Mohi-u-Din Sunday said that Mustafa Kamal should not criticize the role of Indian Security Forces and other Security Agencies.

Taj told Srinagar based news gathering agency CNS that Security Forces are serving people and National Conference leader Mustafa Kamal should think hundred times before raising finger on them.

“It is not desirable for National Conference to speak against Indian Agencies and security forces as it is the part of the Coalition Government. Mustafa Kamal should understand that his nephew is the Chief Minister of the State and speaking against Indian Army sends a wrong signal in power corridors,” Taj said.

He advised Mustafa Kamal not to interfere into the matters of Congress party. “Kamal should manage the affairs of his own party and he should not worry about Congress. We know how to manage the affairs of our own party. Let him understand that NC is in power because of the Congress,” he said.

Medical Education Minister Taj Mohi-u-Din told CNS that before joining the Congress party, Muhammad Aslam Goni was not affiliated with National Conference.

“NC probably forgot that soon after the surfacing of JKCA scandal, it had issued a statement claiming that Goni was no more a member of NC. Now if he has joined our party, NC should not raise hue and cry,” Taj said adding that everything is fair in politics.

Taj appealed to the leadership of NC not to meddle into the affairs of Congress party.


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