Taking Kashmir to International Court not an Option: Chief Justice of India



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Chief Justice of India Justice T S Thakur Monday said that the Kashmir issue seems “beyond solution” at the moment.

Justice Thakur also opposed that the idea of India seeking arbitration of Kashmir dispute with Pakistan at the international court of Justice (ICJ), a Mumbai based newspaper reported.

Speaking at the launch of Aman H Hingorani’s book: Unravelling the Kashmir Knot, in New Delhi, Justice Thakur said the book explores the legal and constitutional backdrop of the Kashmir dispute and also concludes that “India should go to the ICJ against Pakistan and China for reclaiming its territory”.

Justice Thakur, hails from Doda district of J&K State and wa sworn-in as CJI in early 2016.

“Had going to ICJ been a viable solution,” Justice Thaku said, “the government would have opted for it long ago.”

He lamented that Kashmir had become a much “divided society” with people of Jammu wanting abrogation of Article 370 and total integration with India while the people of Kashmir are yearning for independence and the Hindus of Kashmir want to have a homeland in there.

This, he said, “makes Kashmir a much divided house and therefore the solution to it was not easy.”

“I don’t see any immediate solution to this,” he said.

However, he said the only aspect of the problem that could be worked on was the changed aspirations of the people of Kashmir.  “The only way to make people of Kashmir valley change their way is to shower them with love,” he said.


  1. We know were Pakistan stands today and were India is…Raja Bhoj and Gangu Tali….
    At least now the people of Kashmir should understand where their future lies…. Religion doesnt feed empty stomachs nor it provides job……

    • you people are not able to feed your own 60% poor people,you people are not able to decide which flag do you have,who is nationalist and who is anti nationalist ,you have no time for poor people still living in slums and on roads ,as far as Kashmir is concern we people of Kashmir are not living on roads we have enough resources which you occupiers are using like water minerals etc.

  2. It is interesting read. Amman Hingorani is a great human right activist and has boldly highlighlited ground situation in Jammu and Kashmir. A fresh and distinct work, indeed. Hingorani boldly acknowledged that Jammu and Kashmir is not only a living political dispute between India and Pakistan but a ‘human rights issue’ for millions of people. Aman’s suggestion that India should take the issue to International Court of Justice (ICJ) is a valid suggestion for all. It may provide face saving to inhale bitter decision by any stakeholder. However, his expectation that ICJ would simply order vacation of Valley by Pakistani troops only…. Hingorani has been ‘flushed away’ due to fear by ‘Hinduvata’ because I don’t find any other reason why his in-depth understanding of the issue has failed him. A great mediator and expert of arbitration offer nothing to Pakistan….


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