‘Tarigami a political accident, owes place to NC’


KL Report


National Conference Friday lashed out at M Y Tarigami over his remarks about Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and has termed his allegations as ‘attempts to please some invisible quarters who are plotting intrigues against J&K’s identity, integrity and ethos.’

According to a statement NC Spokesman Junaid Azim Mattu said “Tarigami owed his present political constituency and space in politics to National Conference and was otherwise a political non-entity who now tragically finds space and prominence in newspapers in proportions that are grossly disproportionate to his size and influence on the ground.”

“Before the 1996 Elections, Tarigami was a non-serious entity who found relevance in contesting elections for the sheer sake of it as his ideology was never and will never be in congruence with the history and ethos of this State. It was National Conference which ensured Tarigami’s victory in 1996 by deciding to not file a candidate against him in a broader effort to evolve a consensus on taking the Valley out of the grip of turmoil”, the NC Spokesman said.

Mattu said that Tarigami’s remarks were surprising given the fact that he had praised the Omar Abdullah government at various forums in the recent past and had now suddenly, after the failure of his namesake “third front” decided to issue baseless statements to please new possible political patrons and bosses.


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