Teacher, Father Arrested In Minor Rape Cases

SRINAGAR: The Jammu and Kashmir Police have arrested two rapists in two different cases of raping minors. Tragically, one is the head of a school and another is the father of his two victims.

Police sources said they arrested a middle-aged father for raping his two daughters. The complaint had been made by the victims through a confidant and it eventually reached the police.

The police quickly acted on the complaint and arrested the culprit. He is in custody. Tragically, both the girls are minors and they reacted to the crime after they found support in their mother.

In another case, a head of a private school was arrested in a case involving the alleged rape of two students, both minors. The criminal teacher has also been arrested and is in custody right now.

In both cases, the victims have been medically examined under the law and the medical reports made part of the case file.


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