‘Teachers need to Stress on Education than Completing Syllabus’

Saba Khan


Dr Maroof Shah at the two-day 'Book Fairand Literary Meet' at Sangarmal, Srinagar.
Dr Maroof Shah at the two-day ‘Book Fair and Literary Meet’ at Sangarmal, Srinagar.

In a Book Reading session at the directorate of school education organized two-day ‘Book fair and Literary Meet’ at Sangarmal here, noted columnist Dr Maroof Ahmad Shah said that books “illuminate life”.

“All books are important either about the self or about the universe,” he told the jam packed audience.

He told the audience which included teachers, “to focus on the book reading”. “In Europe, there is no corruption, because the Europeans are more concentrating on reading.” “So, in order to understand moral values and ethics and to inculcate respect for others, we should make book reading a habit in our lives.”

While deliberating on how “book reading culture was lost in Kashmir”, Maroof said, “we should give students to read the books for one year. Teacher should be a role model in making their students to read and re-read books.” “Getting 100% marks doesn’t make oneself a creative person. It is only a fundamental against intelligence,” he said.

“Our students should be made to study not only their specific syllabus but much more than that,” he said while asking DSEK to take such steps where students “start thinking themselves.”

While asking students to make sufficient use of online media, Maroof asserted, “students should talk among themselves. Discussions and conversations make your personality but knowledge proceeds information and for that we need to study more and more.”

Suggesting that students should collaborate among themselves, Maroof said, “this will inculcate a habit of exchanging books amongst your selves.”

He asked teachers to make students recite poetry in the morning assemblies. “This way they will become aware of their rich heritage.”

He appealed teachers to “stress on education than completing syllabus”. “Students need to be told the value of books but for that teachers need to take pains and work themselves.”


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