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Award Function
A student while sharing his experience at dais in two-day ‘Book Fair-cum-Literary-Meet’ organized by DSEK.

The atmosphere turned “spiritual” when couplets ‘Zara Num ho Toh ye Mitti be Zarkhaiz hai saki’, ‘Khudi ko Kar Buland Itna ki Khuda Banday se Khud Poochay Ki Bata Teri Raza Kya Hai…’

Expert on ‘Iqbaliyat’, and University of Kashmir South campus director, Prof Bashir Ahmed Nehvi Sunday said, “when Allama Iqbal (RA) visited Europe he found 11o years of his ‘heritage’ in books.”

Prof Bashir A Nehvi
Prof Bashir A Nehvi

Stressing on the reviving reading culture among students, Prof Nehvi said, “in this age of technology, books have been neglected. But literary festivals like these are going to revive reading culture.”

The meritorious students who were awarded on the occasion, recited couplets of ‘Poet of The East’, Dr Sir Muhammad Allama Iqbal (RA) in their speeches.

Taking to Kashmir Life Furqan, a student, said, “the importance of ‘Iqbaliyat’ can be gauged from the fact that the West was indebted to Dr Iqbal (RA) which forced them to give him the title of ‘Sir’.”

Meanwhile, while narrating their experience, students said “the Government run schools are better than private schools”.

“The staff in government run institutions is highly qualified and their priority is concept clearance than rot learning,” a student said after he received an award from DSEK. “The recent results of High and Higher Secondary declared by BOSE ratify this fact.”

Excited Bisma, a student from north Kashmir said, “today’s festival organized is a revolutionary step in itself.” “Students need to exploit such opportunities rather becoming opportunists when they buy notes and papers at the time of examinations.”

Being a student of government run institution, she said, “it is a fact that students at government schools seem dull but such initiatives have instilled a new hope among themselves.”


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