Tehsildar Tral Debits Awqaf Account Of Rs 8.5 Lacs, Locals Aghast

SRINAGAR Acting on his own, Tehsildar in Pulwama district’s Tral area has allegedly withdrawn an amount of Rs 8.5 lakh from the official account of Awqaf without an intimation and consent of the other authorised persons.

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According to reports, Tehsildar without taking on board five other core members appointed by the government has withdrawan the amount as main member by using his signature on cheques.

As per the reports,  the five member body is unaware about the debit transactions.

As the members came to know about the “unauthorised” transactions, the concerned Tehsildar was told to return the money.
” He returned one lakh and fifty thousand only,” locals are quoted to have said.

Taking matter to the concerned district administration, the locals have expressed resentment over the issue and asked them to intervene.

The officials at district level while commenting over the issue have said that Tehsildar has told money has been withdrawn for “legal purpose”.

They have directed him to return the money and have assured that in future such things won’t be repeated.


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