Telecommunication Act Fetches More Powers to Government


SRINAGAR: The Central Government has enacted several critical Telecommunications Act, 2023 provisions. This decision was officially communicated through a notification from the Ministry of Communications.

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The Telecommunications Act, 2023, which received the assent of the President on December 24, 2023, aims to amend and consolidate laws related to the development, expansion, and operation of telecommunication services and networks, including the assignment of spectrum and other related matters. The Act is designed to enhance the efficiency and security of telecommunications infrastructure and services across the country.

As per the notification some key provisions of the Telecommunications Act, 2023 will come into force. These include sections related to authorization powers, spectrum assignment, right of way for telecom networks, standards, public safety, national security, and protection of telecommunications infrastructure. These provisions also cover penalties, jurisdiction, and the establishment of the Digital Bharat Nidhi for innovation and technology development. This move aims to enhance regulatory compliance, service quality, and security in the telecommunications sector, aligning with the government’s vision of a digitally empowered society.

The Telecommunications Act, 2023, grants the Central Government significant powers to safeguard national security. It can suspend, remove, or prohibit telecom equipment and services deemed threats, enforce standards for trusted sources, and take temporary control of telecom networks during emergencies. Additionally, the government can intercept or suspend messages and services to prevent incitement and protect sovereignty, defence, and public order, ensuring the integrity and security of India’s telecommunications infrastructure.

The notification regarding the enforcement of key provisions of the Telecommunications Act, 2023, will come into force on June 26, 2024.


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