The Flute of Life

By Zubair Arif Shah

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I traversed the mighty world

searching the flute of life,

the flute of rhythms and melodies;

whispering agonies,

echoing meanings.


I felt the music raining,

and its drops of love

gliding down my weary body,

kissing my desolate journey,

embracing my changing tragedies.


I slept in the bushes,

listening to the rhythms

under the shade of lullabies,

putting my wounds to rest

and cajoling my angst soul.


I wept the tears of failure,

and a wayfarer smiling,

tore apart my bosom,

he handed me a gift

and disappeared in the mist.


I sailed through the ocean,

in the ship of tranquillity,

The flute of life;

directing and guiding.

for now I understand,

its every agony,

its every melody.


(Zubair Arif Shah is undergraduate student at Delhiā€™s Jamia Millia Islamia)


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