Muhammad Nadeem

Representational Pic by Bilal Bahadur
Representational Pic by Bilal Bahadur

Before, we walk into the street of emptiness…

Each step we take, will magnify distance between us-

Intensify our pain, grief and loneliness

And if it took roots: deeply within us!

Isn’t it the destruction of our Emotional Worlds inevitable?

Punctured with:

Rains of tears

Hollowness of hearts

Constriction of chests

Dryness of throats

Heaviness of souls

And will our eyes cry?

Even if we try?

Because we wore our hearts with trust in each other

So, we choose to acknowledge our solitude

To understand our weaknesses, and

We walk into the streets of emptiness…!

(Hailing from Batamaloo, Muhammad Nadeem has done Bachelors in English and Psychology from Amar Singh College. Currently he is pursuing MFA in Creative Writing)


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