There is no sense of security on ground, Nc says after 2-days meeting



After two days marathon meeting the National conference central working committee has passed a resolution that puts on record party’s concern over deterioration situation and their commitment to defend special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

National Conference working committee meeting in Srinagar.
KL Image by Bilal Bahadur

The NC’s Central Working Committee (CWC) meeting was chaired by president Dr Farooq Abdullah.

The resolution passed by NC are as follows:

1.Jammu and Kashmir National Conference stands for the unity, integrity and the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and shall continue to strive to defend its secular character. We further resolve that National Conference shall continue to work in this direction and vehemently defeat the nefarious designs of the forces who are hell-bent on weakening the secular credentials of the state of Jammu & Kashmir.

2. Calling of the meeting between the foreign ministers of India and Pakistan scheduled for this week in New York City is extremely unfortunate. National Conference Working Committee unanimously resolved that India and Pakistan must restart a sustained and uninterrupted dialogue process to find a solution to all disputes including the Kashmir problem.

We are of the firm opinion that continuation of the dialogue between two countries is the only way available to settle all disputes between two countries and is also in the larger interest of people of the sub-continent.

3. The Working Committee of Jammu & Kashmir National Conference reiterates its stand and commitment to defend and protect Article 370 and 35A of the Constitution of India. The protection and defence of these constitution provisions and restoration of autonomy in J&K is the bedrock of National Conference’s policy and political agenda. This is essential to protect the distinct identity of the state and its people. We believe this is the right time for Government of India to consider the autonomy resolution passed by the state legislature. This will be a serious and meaningful effort by the Govt. of India to convert the Independence Day commitment of the Hon’ble    Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi when he committed that neither bullets nor abuse is the way forward, it is by embracing Kashmiris that the solution to the Kashmir problem will be found.

4.After 2014 there has been a marked and worrisome deterioration in the security scenario across the state. The sanctity of life in the state, whether it is in the number of educated employed youngsters who have taken up arms or the families of police personnel and civilians who are being targeted has been greatly eroded. The root cause of the alienation and anger that has been visible since 2014 is the opportunistic alliance of the PDP with the BJP. It was a betrayal of the mandate of the people who voted in 2014 Assembly elections.

There is no sense of security on the ground. The way in which excessive use of force and human rights violations are being condoned coupled with the mass arrest of youngsters, night raids across the state exposes the tall claims of the state and the central government. In such an atmosphere civilian, police personnel are being targeted in most gruesome ways. Such incidents of violence against families’ of civilians or police personnel are not only worrisome but puts a big question mark over the security apparatus operational in the state.

The Working Committee of J&K National Conference resolves that the central government and the governor administration should immediately take steps to restore a sense of security in the state. A zero tolerance policy for human rights violations must be reiterated and implemented in letter and spirit. The standard operating procedures that have been put in place must also be implemented without any relaxation.

5. The Working Committee of J&K National Conference placed on record its deep concern at the sharp rise of the prices of essential commodities especially petrol, diesel, LPG cylinders.

Needless to say, this price hike is placing an unbearable burden on the people. We appeal to the government to take emergent steps to immediately reverse this trend.


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