This beautiful world  


By: Ashiq Hussain Rather

That thee see around

Mountain tops, snow covered,

The sun shining above,

Below the numerous stars,

The vast oceans and seas

Stretching miles away

Galaxies of stars,

Millions and trillions

Multi-colour birds

Soaring high in the sky

Making nest in the trees

Singing melodious notes

Multi-colour flowers

Growing in the gardens,

And the delicious fruits

Of varied tastes

Doesn’t it indicate

The existence of God,

His omnipresence, omnipotence

And His omniscience

An indomitable power

That thee can’t conquer

Save thou turn worshippers,

Seek His pleasure,

Follow His messenger

Be a peace harbinger,

Here and hereafter…


The author is a resident of Doda, Kashmir.



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