Thousands attend funeral prayers of slain Sameer Tiger, militants offer gun salute



Thousands of people Tuesday participated in the multiple-funeral prayers of top Hizb militant Sameer Tiger in district Pulwama.

Reports said that multiple-funerals were held at the native village of Sameer in Drabgam, Pulwama.

Despite the ban on internet and amid restrictions, several thousand people poured onto streets as the body of slain militant, were lifted the scenes were poignant amid the chanting of pro-freedom slogans, hailing the “martyr.”

They said that thousands are still pouring in at Drabgam to get last glimpses of the slain militant.

Woman sang eulogies “tera bayee, mera bayee, Sameer bayee Sameer bayee, wala myani shahedo, bochh ma lajee (come my martyr, you might be hungry).

Scores of men and women wept bitterly as the body was being carried towards its final resting place.

Reports said that some armed militants appeared at the funeral of Hizb commander Sameer Tiger and offered a gun salute to Sameer and raised pro-freedom, pro-Islam and pro-Pakistan slogans.

Meanwhile, a complete shutdown is being observed across Kashmir to mourn the civilian and militant killings.


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