Trade of used vehicles banned

KL Report


According to a Circular issued by Chairman, State Transport Authority,  Saurab Bhagat the RTOs/ARTOs have been asked to organize special drives within their respective territorial jurisdiction immediately against the illegal sale of used vehicles/automobiles and initiate action against the persons who are selling these without getting proper registration from the designed competent Authority without acquiring the requisite trade certificate.

The circular further stated that the practice has resulted in an un-healthy indulgence amongst the shopkeepers and business without adhering to any control. As per the circular only authorized and bonafide trade certificate holders are authorized by law to conduct business of sale of vehicles in terms of Rule 34 of Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989. It is observed that there has been mushrooming of sale outlets of such used vehicles across the State which is in violation of law and is required to be stopped forthwith, it further added.

Accordingly, the State Transport Authority has therefore, made it imperative for the Traders to acquire a Trade Certificate to regulate the business within the framework of law.  It has also been informed that any vehicle not approved by the Empowered Standing Committee constituted by the Government, if sold inadvertently will invite a fine of Rs. 1 lakh per violation.


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