Traders resent construction of ‘Marriage Hall’ in busy Gonikhan market


The traders’ community has resented the government move to construct a Marriage Hall in the heart of the bustling Gonikhan market in Srinagar city. The traders said that this will deprive them of parking space and furthermore, they will face enormous hardships during marriage season.

Srinagar Development Authority (SDA) has started work on the construction of a Marriage Hall at Bandook Chawani area of Gonikhan market. “It is not only the violation of Master Plan but also a move that will affect business of the traders. How can a Marriage Hall be constructed in a commercial and busy area like Gonikhan,” said a group of traders to news agency CNS.

They said that the Marriage Hall will prove nuisance more than an asset. “It was better for government to create a parking lot instead of Marriage Hall, given the fact that meagre population resides in the vicinity. Majority of the people have sold off their houses that owners have turned into business houses. We don’t find any logic in setting up of a Marriage Hall in the area,” said a trader.

Vice Chairman, Srinagar Development Authority Abdul Majid Raina told CNS that Marriage Hall is being constructed on the demand of people. “They used to close the roads in marriage seasons and to give public a breather we took this measure,” he said adding that land on which Hall is being constructed is owned by SDA.

“It will cost up to Rs 2 Crore and I don’t think it will affect business in the area,” Raina said. (CNS)


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