Traffic Decongestion Plan For Srinagar City Issued


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In order to decongest and help in smooth regulation of Traffic in and around Srinagar city, the Traffic authorities have issued a traffic plan. As per the communiqué, one way traffic will be allowed to ply on Residency Road and no vehicle will be allowed to ply from Regal Chowk towards Residency road.

All the shopkeepers/offices situated in the vicinity of Polo View, Regal Chowk, Gantaghar and HSH Street have been advised to park their vehicles in the designated parking lots. Only one lane parking will be allowed for customers that too within yellow line on the roadside and any one found violating these norms shall be dealt under law.

There will be one-way traffic from HSHS towards Maharaja Bazar and one-way traffic movement from Hanuman Mandir Gali towards HSH Street.

As per the communiqué some drivers of 407 vehicles were found picking and dropping the passengers on the main road especially on bridges/corners thereby creating inconvenience in free flow of traffic. But now any vehicle violating these norms shall be seized and they are directed to board and de-board the passengers at the designated bus bays only.

The shopkeepers and customers from Sonwar Bazar upto Dalgate are found parking their vehicles on the main road and they have been directed to park their vehicles on the designated parking places.

Besides, huge number of vehicles are found parked on the road side particularly from Badyari Chowk upto Grand Palace crossing, thereby creating hindrance in free flow of traffic. They are advised to keep the road through; otherwise their vehicles will be towed.

The vehicle dealers and the shopkeepers from old PHQ and police station Shaheed Gunj upto Watali Gali are parking their vehicles on the main road thereby creating traffic congestion to the vehicles particularly ambulance bound for SMHS/SKIMS etc. They are warned to avoid such wrong parking and no violation will be allowed.

Huge number of Awara Sumo/s have been found operating at different location in city Srinagar particularly at Lal chowk, Dalgate, Batamaloo, Karanagar, Iqbal Park etc. and such Awara Sumos shall not be allowed to operate particularly in City Srinagar.

Traffic police City Srinagar are going to launch special drives in this regard in the coming days to streamline the traffic in the City.


  1. Traffic regulations are not only required from Sectt to Dalgate to Grand Palace but there is need to streamline the traffic mis-management on other routes also. Vehicles are parked everywhere on roads from Dalgate onwards to Rainawari or Soura and passangers are overcrowded in buses even on top and stairs of the vehicles. Passanger vehicles are boarding the passangers everywhere at their will –be it crossing or narrow road thus hampering the free flow of vehicles. No monitoring of traffic police is seen on down town roads which gives freedom to drivers particularly during afternoon and evening hours….Traffic police need to gear up itself to overcome this menance.


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