Traffic Jam At Shaltang Crossing Returns To Haunt People

KL Report


As people had left their homes to reach their work earlier Monday morning little did they know at Shaltang they would have to wait for hours to reach their destinations.

On Monday morning a worst of its kind, Traffic Jam was witnessed at Shaltang Crossing with people de-boarding buses and walking by foot to reach Parimpora, Bye-Pass, the nearest point wherefrom they could board other vehicles. It was a tense working day after many days of Curfew and Shutdowns for people coming from Kupwara, Tangmarg, Baramulla, Bandipora, All were caught in the Traffic mess.

“Kashmiris are being exploited in the name of development. It takes us 3 hours instead of a journey of just 1 hour to reach Srinagar,”a government employee from north Kashmir told Kashmir Life.

People were aghast at the traffic department which they blamed is turning a blind eye towards peoples’ problems.
“They know it is a usual at this important juncture where four districts get connected but we don’t know why they are not interested in manning this crossing, see only two cops are there to handle the situation” a seemingly disturbed student from Tangmarg said.

“We cherish to reach our college in time but this traffic is a hindrance,” a student from SSM college of Engineering told Kashmir Life. Transporters also shared the same story.

“We had thought of a good earning today but this crossing creates problem for us as always,” said a Bus Conductor. “We appeal traffic department to ensure smooth flow of traffic from this juncture,” asked a Tata Mini Bus driver.


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