Blaze Brings Poor Family On Road


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A blaze that gutted the house on Saturday afternoon in City outskirts has brought a 20-member family to the brink of starvation.

On Saturday afternoon, a single story house of late Mohammad Jaffer Mir was completely gutted in a fire incident at Gund Hassi Bhat, Lawaypora.

With the destruction of the house, the families of four sons of late Mohammad Jaffer Mir residing in it have virtually been brought to road.

Now the families of Ghulam Mohammad Mir, Nissar Hussain Mir, Ali Mohammad Mir and Ghulam Ahmad Mir are forced to take shelter in the house of neighbors. The fire has brought miseries for the poor family as they lost everything.

Talking to Kashmir Life, Ghulam Mohammad Mir, one of the four sons of Mohammad Jaffar Mir said that fire has destroyed all their belongings. “What we had was completely damaged in the fire,” Mir, a Pashmina shawl worker said.

“I had just completed two Kanni Shawls(Pashmina Shawls) worth two lakh rupees but the ruthless fire devastated my whole earnings,” said a dejected Mir who has now to repay bank loan which he had taken so as to support his family on account of Pashmina.

Nissar Hussain who was planning to get a shop on Srinagar-Gulmarg highway so as to sell his Paper Machied Articles, has lost hope, now, as his whole stock of Paper-Machied articles were fired to ash by the devastating fire.

“In the afternoon of Saturday I was planning to go to Tangmarg to search for a shop. I had got a stock of Paper-Machied articles worth RS 5Lakh, but the fire has totally devastated me,” says a sad Mir, who also has taken loan from the JK Bank under Handicrafts Credit Scheme.

Late Muhammad Jaffar Mir had four sons, two have died many years ago. Now the families of two dead brothers are taken care by the two other.

Mirs were planning to marry off the daughters of late Gh Ahmad Mir(son of Late Muhammad Jaffar Mir), so they had bought some golden jewellery which too got damaged in the fire.

“We worked hard to get them married so we had bought some gold ornaments in advance but Almighty had some other plans,” a disturbed Aijaz, grandson of Late Muhammad Jaffar Mir told Kashmir Life.

“Actually they are the residents of Zoonimar, Srinagar and they had shifted to this village many years ago so they had no land other than this piece where their house is situated,” informs Haji Ali Muhammad in whose house Mir Family is now taking Shelter.

“Our whole village is contributing in many ways so as to help them. We brought concerned Patwari to report this tragedy to Government, we appeal people in general and government in particular to help this family,” asks Ali.


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