Car Crushes 25 Sheep In Srinagar

SRINAGAR: A speedy private vehicle has crushed as many as 50 sheep that were moving as part of the summer herd migration from Pir Panchal to Kashmir. The tragedy took place on Abdullah Bridge.

The mass crushing of the sheep was reported during early hours. Reports said the police station Rajbagh have arrested the driver of the car and seized the vehicle. They have also registered a formal police case as well. the car driver was identified as Farooq Ahmad Ahanger, a resident of Karan Nagar

Earlier, Kashmir Life reported it was a truck. The report was verified and is corrected.

Trucks massacring the herds on the Jammu Srinagar highway are a routine now. Every year threes accidents kill scores of sheep and goat. It is immediately known if the herdsmen are being compensated for the massive losses or not.

The herdsmen make two long journeys from their homes in Jammu to the high grazing grounds in upper Sonamarg every year. Early summer they come with their herds and later in autumn they return taking the long routes through the Jammu Srinagar highway or the Mughal Road. On both the treks, they suffer losses.


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