Trump will bring his ‘extraordinary skills’ to mediate Kashmir issue: US VP-elect Mike Pence

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Mike Pence
Mike Pence

US President-elect Donald Trump might serve the role of a mediator in the Kashmir issue by bringing his “extraordinary deal-making skills” to sort the crisis, Vice President-elect Mike Pence has said.

Pence, who appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” said, “I think you’re also going to see an energetic leadership in the world, prepared to engaged and to look for ways that he can bring those extraordinary deal-making skills to bear on lessening tensions and solving problems in the world.”

He was responding to a question ‘if Trump would be a mediator over the Kashmir issue’.

“Well, clearly there’s been great tension between India and Pakistan in recent days, which resulted in violence along the Kashmir region. And I think what the President-elect expressed in conversations with leaders from both countries was a desire for continued US engagement on building the relationship with both of those countries,” Pence said.

Further asserting that Trump recognised India, Pakistan as nuclear powers, Pence added that US intends to be fully engaged in the region and fully engaged with both nations to advance peace and security.


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