Tyranny always succumbs to sacrifices: Shabir Shah

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The chairperson of Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) Shabir Ahmad Shah Monday saluted the people for exhibiting patience and steadfastness saying history is witness that tyranny and oppression have always succumbed to sacrifices of people.

In a statement issued here, Shah said the nation that consistently struggles against the pangs of oppression is destined to emerge victorious. He paid tributes to those “martyred” during the ongoing “Intifada” saying no one can get disappointed from the “freedom movement”.

Assuring that the sacrifices of the nation won’t be allowed to go waste, Shah said, “We must realize that we are the guardians of the sacrifices of our martyrs. The sacrifices of the movements of 2008, 2010, and the ongoing Intifada made our plight to be heard in the international forums but it is a bitter reality that the world institutions are yet to play any proactive role regarding Kashmir.”

Terming the stand maintained by United Nations and other world institutions vis-a-vis Kashmir as “very disappointing”, the DFP chairman said the business interests have swayed the mindset and approach of world nations while as human concern is entirely sidelined.

Shah said, “How can intellectuals across world particularly in India maintain silence over the reign of terror and oppression prevailing in Kashmir where pellet guns have wreaked havoc by blinding and maiming hundreds. Where is their consciousness?”

Shah lashed out at “Mir-e-Jafars” of occupiers saying these people have always acted as a stumbling block to our path to victory (of freedom). “The fate of these people will be same as we have read in history of nations,” he said.

Urging the attention of world leadership towards Kashmir dispute, Shabir Ahmad Shah said to expect the world peace by sidelining Kashmir is a big folly.


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