Late Mufti revered for innumerable contributions: Dr Beg

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PDP chief spokesperson, Dr Mehboob Beg has paid tributes to late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, saying he was a leader who has left a deep imprint on the political history of Jammu & Kashmir.

“Mufti Sahab is widely revered and remembered for the innumerable contributions that he made in shaping the politics of the state. Ensuring that the people of the state have a viable and vibrant political alternative is one achievement of his that stands-out. When he set out to launch the PDP, not many thought that it would be a success, as floating a Kashmir-based political alternative did not seem like the best of ideas, however, what Mufti Sahab achieved is there for all to see now. We have a strong and vibrant party in place, a party leading the state for the second time in its short history – Mufti Sahab ensured that the democratic system in the state remains vibrant and the people do not have to resign to their fate for lack of options,” said Dr Beg.

Beg also pointed-out that the ‘Agenda of Alliance’ is a document that late Mufti not only perceived but converted into a reality.

“The ‘AoA’ ensures that political differences are kept on the back-burner and two politically and ideologically diverse parties converge together for the larger good of the people of the state, taking into account the pressing political as well as economic issues that the state is facing. This document in itself can be a subject of many political commentaries as to how political craft and acumen can help bring parties of diverse ideologies together for the common good of the people, this could have been done only by a man of Mufti’s stature, political craft and acumen,” concluded Dr Beg.


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