UN Resolutions, Tripartite Dialogue our Final Solution: Hurriyat (g) Sec Gen



Shabir Shah
Shabir Shah

“Without involving the resistance leadership of Jammu and Kashmir, neither can any dialogue process yield positive results nor can the peace in South Asia be achieved,” Hurriyat (g) Secretary General, Shabir Ahmad Shah said Monday evening.

“The 15 million people of Jammu and Kashmir are committed to the resolution of the long pending dispute as per the UN resolutions or through tripartite dialogue,” incarcerated Shah said in a statement. Shah is chairperson of Democratic Freedom Party (DFP).

Reiterating that solution to Kashmir dispute lies in UN resolutions or tripartite talks and “anything less than it is not acceptable’, Shah said, “we express satisfaction over the improving relations between India and Pakistan, we want to make it clear that until the real representatives of Kashmiris are not involved in talks the two nations cannot reach any permanent solution.”

Expressing his viewpoint in connection with the “Kashmir Round Table Conference” being organised in Islamabad, Shah said, “though the improving relations between India and Pakistan have delighted us, some elements in J&K are exploiting the development and issuing misleading statements with regard to Kashmir dispute thereby creating confusion. We have always favoured the peaceful and friendly relations between the two nations but with regard to this sensitive and longstanding issue of the subcontinent, our stand is clear DVD we won’t compromise over it. We hope that Pakistan will, in future, show its stand on Kashmir with India that the real representatives of this issue need to be involved.”

He also rejected any kind of participation in the election process “under the Indian Constitution”, saying, “we have time and again professed that solution to Kashmir doesn’t lie in elections which are held by the barrel of gun and in presence of more than 8 lakh forces. To participate in so-called election process is out of question.”

Meanwhile, on the directions of Shabir Ahmad Shah, a delegation led by Moulana Abdullah Tari and Molvi Bashir Ahmad visited  the residence of Dukhtaran e Millat Chief Syeda Aasiya Andrabi’ father who passed away. They also participated in the funeral prayers of the deceased.

Expressing heartfelt condolence and solidarity with Aasiya Andrabi, Shah said she belongs to a family which has rendered immense sacrifices for the freedom movement.

The delegation also visited Irshad Ahmad on the demise of his mother and expressed condolence on Shabir Ahmad Shah’s behalf.

He also highlighted the family’s contribution to movement.

Strongly condemning the administration’s “undemocratic and revengeful actions” against the JKLF leadership including its Chairperson Muhammad Yasin Malik, Shah said, “this clearly proves that J&K is a police state.” “Such mean tactics won’t break our resolve.”


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