Under pressure from Delhi, Mufti surrendered all his promises and claims: Hurriyat(G)


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Terming the statement of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed that he will take action against the Hurriyat (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani with regarding to the waving of Pakistani flags in the Tral rally as his ‘frustration’, Hurriyat (G) spokesman said that the workers and activists of the Hurriyat  only wave the party flag in the public rallies but some enthusiastic youths raise Pakistani flag at these movements which is not any new thing in Jammu & Kashmir because everybody in Kashmir has affection with this country (Pakistan).

“According to the state high court ruling of 1983, the waving of Pakistani flag doesn’t come in the category of crime and hoisting of flag doesn’t amount to the waging of war against any country,” Hurriyat (G) spokesman said and added that the “hoisting of flag is not although any big issue but the position of India and its agencies is so weak in Jammu & Kashmir that merely a waving of cloth puts their occupation in acute danger.”

“More than 7.5 lakh Indian forces are deployed in Jammu & Kashmir who are supported with artilleries, tanks etc. but waving of a flag puts their whole country in danger and they start to raise hue and cry,” he added.

The spokesman further said that “this attitude is actually the speaking truth and it proves that in spite of forced occupation, massacres, mass rapes and tortures, India and its military has miserably failed in conquering the Kashmiri nation and they are fully aware of what the people of this troubled state want and what their inner is.”

Accusing Mufti of trying to be ignorant, spokesman said, “Mufti Sayed Sahab is well aware of this that the hoisting of Pakistani flag is the routine in Jammu & Kashmir since 1947, whether it is the national day of Pakistan or the winning of cricket match by this country, the people of this state come out and celebrate it by waving the flag of this country and burn fire crackers. Even Farooq Abdullah like politicians and the people related to PDP themselves doesn’t hide their happiness on the occasion of the winning of the cricket match by the Pakistani Team.”

Spokesman continuing attack on chief minister said that “we understand the compulsions of Mufti Sayeed sahib. He has hardly managed the chair of so-called chief ministership and for this he had to surrender all his election promises and claims. He is still under the heavy pressure from New Delhi and he is asked to do more. In this situation if he talks about the taking of action against the Geelani Sahab then it is not surprising.”

He further added that, “on the one hand the authorities in New Delhi are not happy with him and on the other hand Omer Abdullah is also annoying him with his tweets.”


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