Unfading Pulse

By Hirra Sultan




I knew: I was breathing my last!

So, I wanted to soak in all, I had;

See everyone…

I had loved to caress,

Everyone, before I leave.


It was something

They feared!

And. I could see it, in their eyes –

The dread — I may be lost!

Ah! I may never recover.


I knew: they would cry;

Scream my name,

In wilderness

But, who could borrow time?

Did death ever spare someone?


And, I feel the heartbreak (thud!)

A set off –

The way my memories would haunt.

Maybe, the tears would never cease

And, the pain may be endless.


But I could do nothing –

I was bound to leave.

Oh, I missed you, mother!

The dear one, who loved, like none

She, a heartbroken!


I share, her woe

And. I couldn’t survive enough

(To see the love of my life)

But I caressed you, my brother!

Love her, fill my vacuum.


I leave you here,

But, don’t well up

Over my void

As: I ain’t a fading figure,

Only—yours: unfading pulse!


(An aspiring poet, Hirra Sultan is a B.Tech student)


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