‘Unhealthy’ Lal Singh Condemned For Inappropriate Collar Fixing




Mufti Sayeed’s health minister, Chaudhary Lal Singh, known for creating controversies owing to his ‘irate’ behaviour has again invited a bad press over his latest conduct. A photograph which went viral on social networking sites shows the state health minister ‘fixing’ the collar of a woman doctor in a government hospital, provoking sharp criticism and condemnation for “inappropriately touching a woman”.

The image triggering a furore was taken when Singh had gone to a government hospital to check preparedness for the Amarnath pilgrimage, which began today.

The reports said Singh saw the doctor, moved towards her and said, “…Bitiya, your collar is not proper.” He then went on to correct it himself, while the doctor said nothing.

Another lady doctor in the room shortly adjusted her own collar apparently to avoid facing “irked minister”. Notably, when all this was happening, no official in the room could react.

However, it is not the first time when Lal Singh created a controversy over his behaviour. In past, his “autocratic” attitude landed him in number of controversies.


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