Unhygienic Conditions Pose Threat of Diseases; MC Kishtwar Unmoved

Dawood Bashir



Kishtwar 1
KL Images by Dawood Bashir

People in Kishtwar Thursday alleged that the ward number 13 of Municipal Committee of the district is “totally unhygienic” as the municipal committee has failed to maintain the hygiene of the area which is very unfortunate.

They said that the link road which has a take-off point on Saroori road and leads towards Dool colony is totally unsafe for habitation as municipal committee hasn’t installed any such dust bins and the people residing in the area dump household waste in open, garbage used to lie on the road for weeks together and no such garbage collector van bothers to pick up the garbage thereby substantially increasing the risk of various dangerous diseases.

Even the drain lying on the link road remains choked due to the garbage and the household waste, human waste keeps on lying on the main road leading to great inconvenience to the pedestrians and locals residing in the area.

Locals said that the drain on the road has got damaged and is blocked at many a places but nobody else from PWD or Municipal Committee bothered to visit the area and get the drain repaired even after getting damaged a year ago.Kishtwar

People living in the area are in a state of chaos and anger, the hygiene of an area is very important. There is a high risk of sudden outbreak of epidemic, for which wholly and solely district administration will be responsible, they said.

They also flayed the concerning department officials for their utter failure in getting the work done and said that slogans of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan should be implemented in letter and spirit and not just pasted on posters and banners.

Locals urged Deputy Commissioner Kishtwar and the concerning departments to look into the matter and get the drain repaired, and hygiene maintained at par with other areas so that the locals could take a sigh of relief.


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