Union Govt’s ‘No’ to Transfer Power Projects a Big Question Mark on PDP: Tarigami



Powerhouse or money bank!
Powerhouse or money bank!

CPI (m) Saturday asked the PDP-BJP state government to clear its stand on the issue of transfer of Power Projects from NHPC to the state.

The Communist lawmaker, MY Tarigami asked the ruling coalition to justify its earlier stand of incorporating the same in the Agenda of Alliance.

“The recent statement of Union Power Minister has been very discouraging. It appears to be in total contravention to the recommendations of the Rangarajan Committee and the commitment made by the present dispensation at the time of power sharing agreement,” Tarigami said in statement issued this afternoon.

“Refusal of power projects from NHPC and hike in the power share to the state by the Power Minister exposes the insensitiveness and disparity by the BJP led Union government towards Jammu & Kashmir. Exploitation of water resources of the state by NHPC appears not to be for the benefit of people of the state. Instead of extending assistance for hydro-electric projects to the state the centre is showing a callous approach to empower and make J&K resourceful and self-reliant,” he said.

A highly empowered committee by the Union government among other things recommended the transfer of few power projects from NHPC to the Jammu and Kashmir state “but it is ironical that the same has been shelved, which is much unreasonable and share injustice with this energy deficit state,” the CPI (m) leader observed.

“The state government led by PDP pursued its demand vigorously or has it surrendered, the same should come to the knowledge of people,” he said. “The people have every right to know the contemplations of the government for their benefit and can’t be befooled any more. PDP has time and again advocated for return of these projects to the state and making it an essential component of Agenda of Alliance and even claiming to fulfil the same. Now the clarification from the Union government has put a big question mark on PDP and Agenda of Alliance itself. The PDP shall have to clarify its stand on the issue and come clean.”

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